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  • Dr Avron Alter’s dental practice is a general treatment centre for the entire family.  
  • We provide a comprehensive range of specialised services such as root treatment and cosmetic dentistry.  
  • High quality care and excellent service is our priority.
  • With state of the art technology and only the best materials used.  
  • Conveniently located right next to Melrose Arch.  
  • We provide excellent personal care to each individual.

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  • General dentistry (adults and children) 
  • Annual dental check-ups
  • Oral hygienist (adults and children)
  • Cosmetic dentistry (adults)


Award Winning Dental Team!

Our dental team provides a comprehensive range of services with a personal approach.

Dr. Avron Alter



Gugu Buthelezi

Dental Assistant

Saafya Bhyat

Dental Hygienist

Beryl Tocker


Ingrid Riskowitz


Ellen Mathibe



Avron Alter has 40 years of experience behind him and has always maintained his level of expertise by seeking out “continuing education” courses to keep abreast of dentistry’s latest advances.

Most of this focus has been on advanced procedures pertaining to root canal treatment, treating children as well as cosmetic dentistry.

Dr Alter believes that through his patient and gentle demeanour he will assist you to feel relaxed and less afraid about visiting the dentist. His style of fair and honest practice complements his belief that all dental decisions are made in partnership between himself and you, the patient.


Our dentist and dental staff provide a comprehensive range of services with a personal approach.

What Our Patients Think...

"Thank you very much for taking such good care of Tessa this afternoon. She is now a very big fan! She has decided that she would prefer to have the necessary extractions done by YOU with local anesthetic."

- Marilyn Goldsmith, 48

"The best dental experience I have ever had! So much so that I have recommended to my husband that he should come soon. So expect him in your chair in the future! Many thanks again for my gleaming smile - was almost a little embarrassed to smile too much at first."

- Susan Rabie, 65

"Not only have you fixed my teeth but you have also fixed my fear of the dentist :-) !!"

- Roger Franklin, 38


We offer the convenience of being able to enquire about an appointment online or via the phone.


We offer a discounted consultation fee to all new members.


We utilise the best equipment and partner with the best technology in the industry to ensure we correctly diagnose you.

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